We believe that the beauty of Wyoming and the strength of the people who choose to live here stir an impulse to participate actively in community building. Each member of Hawtin Jorgensen Architects has given back to the community of Jackson and Teton County in ways that may seem unexpected in that these involvements are not necessarily what might be expected from a marketing point of view.

St John’s Medical Center; Teton Science Schools; Habitat for Humanity; Latino Resource Center; Yellowstone Sustainable Framework Design Team and Certification Task Force; Wyoming Community Foundation; Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust; Iditarod Sled-Dog Race—these are just a few of the organizations with which each of us works.

With that spirit in mind, we have provided additional area-specific references to help inform, teach and guide you through your explorations into Jackson Hole, Teton County, the Yellowstone region and Wyoming. Please contact us should you find that any of these links have changed.

Additional regional information and design and architectural links can be found here.

General Regional References